MEGA ANIME QUIZ #17 [Openings, Endings, Characters, OSTs and more...] | Quisspo

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Yo yo, it is time for a bit of quizzing, for I have finally returned!
I hope the music companies will not make the copyright situation even stricter, since a lot of openings are blocked and I got my first copyright strike. :s
This time there are 155 Points to reach in this quiz! How many can you get?

5 Openings (Very Easy) - 1 Point each

5 Openings (Easy) - 2 Point each

5 Openings (Medium) - 3 Point each

5 Openings (Hard) - 4 Point each

5 Openings (Very Hard) - 5 Point each

5 Endings - 3 Points each

5 Major Characters - 1+1 Points each (Character and Anime)

5 Minor Characters - 3+1 Points each (Character and Anime)

5 OSTs - 4 Points each

5 1 Second Openings - 2 Points each

1 0.5 Second Opening - 5 Points

I would also love to get some feedback on my videos, so be sure to comment your thoughts on my videos or share some ideas for new videos!

My MAL (MyAnimeList) Profile:

Artworks used:

Background music: (The Quintessential Quintuplets 2 OST)

If you have read until here, you will find some cash on the ground tomorrow!
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